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Monday, 16 May 2011

art therapy

I have always painted, ever since my childhood. Painting/drawing helped me when things got rough around me. I could immerse myself into another world, soothe my soul.
It also helped me capture the beauty around me.
I guess there are lots of reports out there about what happens in the brain and all the neurological synapses that go wild when a person creates, be it art, music, or a great culinary dish. Creating is so inherent in human beings. Unfortunately, this love of creating gets lost some time in late childhood when other things are more important. And after adolescence comes the time of adulthood with all its responsabilities. People often just don't have the time anymore to create, their time is taken up with a job, a house, the kids, the taxes, the hassles.....
Which is very unfortunate.
For me, creating is not just a nice way of passing my time. It satisfies a deep longing in me, refreshes my mind, helps me sort out problems, gives me peace.
No wonder that art is considered therapeutic and is widely used as a means of treating patients, be it in hospitals, rehabs, therapy centers....

In the past, the people in my drawings and portrait paintings were mostly sad and serious.
Now I just love the primitive folk art and mixed-media style, with its lightheartedness, childlike approach. It may not be considered "serious art", but it is a lot of fun to do and makes me smile. Even if it is very "cutesy".

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