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Saturday, 30 April 2011

sids and mothers who die too soon

don't quite know if this is a thing one can blog about, or if it is too personal. but here goes.
maybe because it will be mother's day soon, but at the moment i feel sort of pensive ....
my mother died pretty early, she was 54 years old and it was very unexpected....i still often think of her...
i also think about my little daughter, who died of sids, a long time ago.
i was painting today and this is the result... i wanted to do something completely different but the painting sort of painted itself...
fact is, that i believe in God and believe i will see my loved ones again when i die and that gives me peace and makes the pain much less.
this painting is vey personal... guess it shows.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

now let's add a bit of color to this blog

it's spring - and that means everything is starting fresh and anew - flowers and buds and leaves and birds busy making nests - and i'm starting fresh and anew also - after the dark, cold winter months and having to cope with cancer and chemo-therapy  i'm very glad to see the days getting longer, the sun getting hotter and my strength slowly coming back.

i'm very happy that i managed to draw/paint an illustration, the first painting since seven months!